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I tried going to a local grief counseling group - who was very nice and extended themselves but I don't think they can help me. My problem is beyond the physical loss of my Mom - it's more spiritual. Though I do miss her being in the next room - Oh, how I miss looking in to see if she's okay - or just saying, "I love you, Mama". I so miss her saying, "God bless you,"

with me answering, "God bless you more"....Oh, God, how I miss saying that to my Mama.

Everyone seems to have the happy answer. They're no longer in pain, they're at rest, they're an angel in heaven....None of these were said tonight - but overall I was probably considered wrong in their estimation. I believe in heaven, purgatory and hell. I know Mom was a good woman but I've been tormented by her soul's whereabouts...How can anyone help me except with the trite answers?

Missing Mama Tonight,

Only Child

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I go for spiritual counseling with a priest. i am roman catholic and my faith is such a big part of this journey i am on. for awhile there i was scared, instead of letting God help me i thought i could do it on my own. i finally had to surrender it all to Him. this took a long time b/c i wanted to be in control. i have come to realize some thing i can not control and death is one of them. i also belong to a support group that is based out of one of our parishes. what is nice about this group is that we all believe in God, Jesus and are not afraid to pray and ask for help. i could not go to one that i could not be open about my faith. one of the women who attends stopping going to another one b/c you could not express your beliefs on religion or your faith. she said she felt lost there.

i to use to say to my mom God Be With you ( i tell my boys this everytime they leave to go somewhere or bed) and shs would say and also with you. i miss telling her that. i know now that she is right beside Him.

tell you mom what ever you need to , i believe she can hear . Lori

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