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Hi Just come into my hotel room, sitting near a little stream on a bench, studying for my exam to morrow on Debt Counselling /Our National Credit Act and guesss what, I just thought I have actually been able to focus for an hour. thank You Lord. I have read in the Bible that it helps for us to be thankful and grateful and in spite of my circumstances theres much to be grateful to God for...Its just when I think about the trauma in Walters ill ness and death over the past few montsh, i just get so depressed and then just see the world as Black

However let me list some of my blessings:

I am Gods child

Walter is out of pain and suffering

At work 2 colleagues spouses have been diagnosed with cancer, and I am counselling 2 young widows who have just started on their journey. Thank God I dont have to work thru cancer diagnosis and that I am 8 months into my journey..I feel so for thes young widows

Not much but its a start

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;) I have to run but I needed to say, "Thank You, Lord," for Erica's good feelings and growth. I, too, am so thankful for my faith and all I'm learning, my family, my home, my good friends. and that I know my Jack is continuing to do "good" work. Take care, Erica, we're so proud of you.

Your friend, Karen :wub:

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That is such good and welcome news, and I must say I feel a twinge of jealousy when I hear you mention a stream...I LOVE the outdoors and don't like being stuck in an office in the city all day. :) I agree with the others, it is good that you are helping others and it will help you also...it makes what we have gone through seem not quite so in vain somehow. The Bible tells us to comfort others with the same comfort by which we have been comforted, and that is what you are doing!



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