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How Do I Add A Picture?


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Marty I was wondering how I add a picture that would show up each time I post like some of the others have. Do you do this ? The picture that I love the most of Steve and I is alittle far away, do you have a way of bringing the photo closer?


Wendy :wub:

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Hi Wendy,

Some of our other members may be better at answering this than I, but I will try :blush:

At the top of the main page, click on My Controls, then, on the left side of the screen, scroll down to Personal Profile. Then click on Edit Avatar Settings, and follow the instructions there.

As for the size of your picture, our site requires that, "Your avatar must be no bigger than 90 pixels by 90 pixels in size. Uploaded avatars from your computer must be no larger than 50 KB.

The following file types are allowed: gif,jpeg,jpg,swf,png."

I hope this answers, Wendy, and if not, I hope another member will step in and help ~ e.g. William? Maylissa, is your hubby available? Anyone else? :wub:

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If you want to email the picture to me, I can see if I can bring it in closer and then send it back to you. No promises, but I can try.

Hugs & prayers, :wub:


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Wendy beautiful picture. Your are one beauty and your husband Steve is very nice looking. Think I will ask my son-in-law to put a picture of Bruce and I on the site. It is nice to see a picture of the person you are talking. Makes it seem more real that it really is a real person on the other end of the line.LOL Have yourself a great day Wendy. Gail :wub:

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