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Happy Holidays To All My Family Here

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I wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and hope that we all have a better New Year. I am sorry I have not been posting much, but have been thinking of all of you. I have been so busy with shopping and wrapping and putting up a tree and preparing for company tomorrow. But you know I would not have been as busy if my Mom had done Christmas instead so my mind would not have been as occuppied. I did finally hear from my Mother In Law after all these months, she sent Melissa and I money and called. We laughed alittle and cried alittle and talked about Steve. It really was nice to hear from her, made me feel closer to Steve alittle.

My Mom is doing okay, the news is they do believe it is lung cancer but they can not find a mass anyplace ! The oncologist said she has only heard of 2 other cases like this and they were in Japan. She is scheduled for a 6 hr round of Chemo on Jan 21st and must go back every 21 days for about 6 months for fluids and then they will go from there. Cancer is never good news but we feel this news is alot more hopeful and want to thank all of you that have been praying for her, you all mean the world to me.

Merry Christmas,


Wendy :wub:

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Merry Christmas Wendy. i am so glad that you got to talk to your motherinlaw, this probabaly gave you alot of comfort. i am sorry i have not been on that often and did not know your mom was ill. i will be praying for her that the chemo will heal her and not be to bad for her. all my prayers and love. lori

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Wendy, I am sorry to hear about your mom, we will keep her in our prayers. Right before Christmas we heard from my husband's stepmom, her husband has cancer. John rarely hears from his own mom and his dad died years ago, but his stepmom is a wonderful lady and she remarried a long time ago to a really nice man, we feel really bad for them. We'll get to see them this weekend, I wish I could think of something to say to bring comfort to them...cancer is a hard battle but they've made some strides over the years so we're hoping...my own brother in law has fought the same battle this year and my (former) father in law too. It's hard to see those we love face so much.

This Christmas I had my kids and my husband here, and was busy cooking, wrapping presents, etc. My thoughts were towards my family here, but my email would not load and I had internet problems for a few days so I was out of touch for a while. I'm hoping everyone's Christmas went better than expected, my thoughts are especially with those who have had to face their first Christmas without, I think that's the hardest.

I had some really wonderful news on Christmas though, the young man that I already consider my son, proposed to my daughter on Christmas morning...I helped him select a ring for her, we went through a lot to get it because UPS lost it and then found it and I had to go to their distribution center to get it...he was trying to get it without her knowing about it. Finally we had it wrapped and ready and she said "YES, absolutely! It's about time!" They haven't set the date yet but at least it's official, and it was a wonderful Christmas present. This is me... :D

I love you all

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