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10 Minutes Of Memories From 1962-63

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They say that one should “move on” and not dwell too long in the past!

But, I like to take a few minutes from time to time to remember the “good ole days” when I was dating my future wife Jeannie.

Music helps me relieve the pain of a loss. Does it help anyone else here?

Here are some of the songs that Jeannie and I used to dance to. (I still have our vinyl LP collection from the 60’s and a turntable too! :D )

What years are your favourites?

Do you remember these great songs from 1962? 62-63 Hits

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Thank you for sharing that with us, I don't blame you a bit for going back and enjoying the "good ole days" with your little Jeannie. George was a big fan of music, and when we got married, we put together a CD of our favorite love songs and my son compiled them into a Wedding CD for us. I still listen to it from time to time and it takes me back. It's nice to have the positive memories, even if it brings a tear to our eyes now and then.

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Walt...listening to that was really nice. Jack loved music and put together a collection of tons of CDs. Little by little, I have been giving them to the children along with a few of his BB hats, pocket watches, pen knives, etc. He was a collector! Keep listening....I think it's great!

Karen :wub:;)

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Thank you for sharing that. Nothing wrong with a walk down memory lane. Will and I loved the oldies music above all. I still have LP's and 45's too but alas, nothing to play them on. Glad you have a turntable. Two that were our songs are Miracles by Jefferson Starship and Layla by Eric Clapton (hence came the name of my little dog I adopted after Will's crossing over). He even arranged for the piano player at our wedding to play them for us we loved them so. These kind of memories are what I think of as the "sweet torture".


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Walt that was great ! I was just a few years old when all of those came out but as I listened to more of them next thing I know the Beatles kept popping up and boy did those songs bring back memories of growing up. Thanks alot I really enjoyed that!



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