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;) Hi Guys,

I feel the need to tell you about Sunday and how things went well when it could have been so different. I got up, went to church (I'm pretty new there) and there was a lady there that had been so nice to me - she came up to me to tell me her husband died. Of course I did and said all the things we do, but she said to me that she knew I'd understand more than others. Like we do, she talked on about how it happened, how she's doing, etc. I then went to my seat because she said she just wanted to be alone with the music. During the service there was a beautiful song, everyone else was standing and she was sitting with her head bowed. I normally don't infringe on anyone and I guess the Good Lord sent me there, but I walked across the church, put my hands on her shoulders, rubbed her shoulders, patted them to the beat of the music and when it was done, she looked at me with those sad eyes and said, thanks so much, that was so nice.

Later that day my daughter called and told me my ex-sister-in-law just died.

After that my good friend called me, on her way across the mountains. She just lost her brother to cancer in the last month and was called by hospice because his wife had metasisized ovarian cancer to her aerota. Things don't look good there. My friend said, "I knew you'd understand." And we talked a while.

My point, I guess, is that down the road (and I'm down the road 2 1/2 years) we can help others through all this just because we truly understand. That is my choice. Our words do mean something to them that they understand.

I pray for all of you that are feeling badly for the loss of your loved ones and I know that more comfort will come for you.

Your friend, Karen :wub::wub:

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Sometimes I'm sure these "happenings" make life a little harder for you, but each one of us appericates your efforts. You are like soothing balm on our heartache.

Thank you.

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You are such a dear person to us. And you are so right about how down the road you can help others. My best friend of forty years just moved to my town and she has dementia. Having gone through that with my mother, I felt it was "fated" that I would be the one to help her out of a bad situation. So, in a weird way, the tragedy with my mom has enabled me to help a friend that I think of as a sister.

You are such a sweet, caring person. A true example for all of us to follow. Let's hope that this terrible thing called grief makes us all better people.

Big hugs to you,


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