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You’re My Best Friend

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You're My Best Friend [Don Williams]

You placed gold on my finger

You brought love like I've never known

You gave life to our children

And to me, a reason to go on.

You're my bread when I'm hungry

You're my shelter from troubled winds

You're my anchor in life's ocean

But most of all, you're my best friend

When I need hope and inspiration

You're always strong when I'm tired and weak

I could search this whole world over

You'd still be everything that I need.

What happens when you lose an anchor?

You drift along – flow with the current – sometimes you get lost.

However – sometimes you do find a comforting location to spend your time.

A place like here, where people understand that one gets "tired and weak" and one needs "hope and inspiration" - a "reason to go on".

((((Thanks friends)))) :):)

Here is the music – enjoy:

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I'm missing my best friend today. I took our dogs, Maggie and Kasey, back to the field to run where Larry and I used to go. Its the first time since he died that I've stepped foot there. The dogs had a nice walk and the memories came flooding in. If I close my eyes I can see his smiling face. Oh how I miss my best friend, my love, Larry. Deborah

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I also want to add my thanks for what you shared, that was beautiful, and I feel the same way, this is that safe harbor we can go to where others understand and care and we can draw from each other.

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