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Saying Goodbye For Now

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hi everyone its regina i hope everthings well.well my sister is moving out and shes taking her computer with her.So in till i get my self a computer i wont be on.I want everone to know that this site really did help me.For everone reading this please keep comming back it really dose help to let the hurt out.Just remember that your loved ones are at your side.Its really hard things are never going to be the same but that dosent mean that things cant be good again.JUST KEEP BELEAVING!things can change and things can get better.

love regina.

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Regina, If you need to sign back in to talk, I hope you will be able to find someone to let your use their computer and service. Maybe a library, church or another agency should be willing to help. Do not feel that you are alone, there may be someone here that could even help you keep in touch if you feel a need. One day at a time. Fred

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