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Depression Does It End When Things Get Better...


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Depression is a unpredictable mood coinciding with grief, as a manic depressive, and my experiences with long bouts of depression, psychotherapy helps regulate it enough to allow the mind to cope with the loss adequately.

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I think depression is different in everyone and how it effects there lives. i was on meds and did get off but that is not for everyone. i think if yu need the meds stay on them, there is nothing wrong with needing help. if you were diabetic or had a heart condition you would take them. talk your doctor and hopefully he is supportive and listens. lori

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Hi All,

Thanks for all your inputs on this subject, hopefully when I talk with my doctor she will be able to answer some questions... I know I have gone through alot and need time to figure out what's going to happen next but I was just very curious... Thanks again Shelley

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