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  1. Stallyn

    10 Dating Tips For Widows, Widowers

    Thanks so much for this site and your imput Marty, pls say hi to David Sanchez if you see him, his mark is with me to this day! Blessings,
  2. Kay convinced me I needed to say something, guess I had to muster up the courage to do so. I know you all have your bad days and some good also. Perhaps supporting each other and getting past our inhibitions to do so, I may be at a point in my life but I remember every day the pain I felt and still feel time to time, Myrna came through to me through the Holy spirit one day and told me I had to move forward and be equipped to do so. Our love ones dont want to see us sorrowful and torn, just to listen in silence we can hear and feel their touch from beyond if we are open to it. Blessings,
  3. Stallyn

    10 Dating Tips For Widows, Widowers

    Thanks Marty, I read the article to the last letter, though I am in a relationship, it fit me to a tee in the beginning, I wished I read that first!
  4. Kay and I reconnected some time ago and she mentioned some of you that like myself haven't posted in awhile, lets reconnect! P.S. I posted another topic in General Grief & Loss Topics, a brief summary of my life in the past year, love to hear from you!
  5. Happy birthday Kim, you held courageous all this time and kept your spirit up, Imagine Dan looking down and smiling with pride at you! A virtual hug from me in cyberspace to you
  6. Hi some of you, may remember me from awhile back, its been a long time since I wrote. Well, my life has been progressively better, I am in a loving relationship for a year now, fortunately she has been supportive of my down days of grief, now I accepted Myrna is in a better place and wouldn't come back in any case, I been assured spiritually though my six senses that she only wants me to be happy and content. Through and through, my faith and friendship with some of you (whom I speak very often to) eased the weight of my heart. It may seem an end to our lives w/o our loved ones but if they could speak, they would tell us to celebrate life and remember the good times we had while they were with us. God Bless, William
  7. Thank you guys, so much for commenting here and I missed alot of you, I have been doing good, well, er being a year older ugh! Thank you Mary Linda, Corinne, Kay, Teny and of course my dear Wendy, and some of you I haven't met yet. I pray for this year to be better for all of us, and to think we DID make it another year thanks for remembering me today!! Kay, I read your post recently, i am so sorry to hear what happened and it's just not right, would I be still a ok guy if I could go down there and straiten things out? And how have you guys been doing? is there anyone with a birthday today? P.S. I check my im to see if its working
  8. Stallyn

    Emotional Gears Are Stuck

    Gold, thank you for your kind words, I had many bad experiences, scammers sending fake money orders, people that arent what they claim to be, oh i could go on, I noticed when I became a widower eventually wanting companionship, the landscape was different, 10 years later, have you been able to find peers that interest you locally? with the daily hustle and no-one paying attention to others anymore, I have to wonder does the old methods still work
  9. Stallyn

    Emotional Gears Are Stuck

    HI Gold, Fred has some good points, I am very shy and awkward myself and found myself devastated for a long time knowing because of that above, I wouldn't meet anyone, i may get some heat for this, but I signed up with several dating sites and very cautiously and made many mistakes along the way, eventually found a wonderful gal I am still with today, most importantly exposing yourself online to an extent will pique someones interest, but firstly I would wait for about a month before meeting someone in person, I had some bad and good experiences but scrutiny and caution are always the best in this case.
  10. Wendy, I miss our friendship, however the circumstances in your life are difficult and turbulent, thanks for your friendship and wit , I'll keep you in prayer, and perhaps in time hear from you personally. Godspeed and peace..
  11. Wendy my dear, this saddens me deeply with the news, you and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.
  12. Stallyn


    LOL you guys! coal? heh I hope to keep the nose I was born with, I am open to anything but a flaming firestick at my snowhead
  13. Stallyn


    We have been close friends and never saw you in person, but it may happen someday when Denise takes me there, wow 55 is hot? imagine that, gosh my bloods so thin I probably be a snowman in Jersey
  14. Stallyn


    Wendy, its been so long for me to see such beauty, unless cactus and tumble weeds are a fancy, I been here so long I dispise it, Denise says she doesn't miss it but its cold for her when its 55F LOL. Its been a lifelong dream to go to my roots back east, hopefully she can be persuaded too, wish me luck on that!
  15. Stallyn


    Corinne, I havent been this happy and now Wendy finding someone, its been a double blessing! Fred, I think you might be mistaken, I love the snow, and hate the summers, especially june-september when it reaches the triple digits. I been to Flagstaff and dewey and its great! I often meet people from the east and how much they tell me the snow is rough, today is beautiful, but colder would be nice now with a big yard, soon I will dig a pit with a big bonfire and a beer LOL