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Thinking Of Kathy A Lot Today

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I'm at work and Fridays can be a little slow, so I'm left with extra time when my mind can drift.

This desk is where I sat when that awful call came 11/10/2006 telling me to get over to my fiancee's mom's house immediately. Sometimes staring out the office window brings me back to those moments.

I have a saved phone message from Kathy, here on my work phone, where she says... "Honey, I love you.. I love you..." that I've been afraid to listen to for about a year.

I'm going to get a massage from Kathy's son after work today. He's taken up body-work since her death and I'm one of the lucky guinea pigs while he learns the ropes. It's a nice opportunity for me to stay in touch with him.

I think I'll pick up some comfort food tonight (potato chips, frozen pizza, ice cream?) and eat it with a little beer or wine when I get home. Have a good cry and just try to relax by myself tonight.

Hope all of you find at least a little comfort this weekend. My love to you all.


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Hey, Maury....

You have a peaceful evening and try and think good thoughts along with that wine, beer, pizza, potatoe chips, and ice cream. If you can believe this, April 18th and it's snowing like crazy outside. I'll probably have to start my veggie garden over again. I Hate Snow!!! I think I'll have some wine, too, and read. Talk to you later.

Your friend, Karen :wacko:

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Hi Maury, how are you feeling now? Go with that comfort food and treat yourself well, and think of the happy times you have with her.

I talked with someone today who lost his wife and daughter almost 2 years ago and I asked him how he was coping. He told me that there are still days that are hard, but what is important is the 'attitude' on how we deal with things and that he never lost his faith with God.

It may be hard at times but we just have to continue to keep pulling ourselves. Whenever we feel down, just try to think that..'This too shall pass..'


Karen, please know that you have our support and love. I have read your post and I pray that you will be able to surpass the trials that you are encountering right now. Sending you my love and (((hugs))..

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I am sorry, I don't know what to say except we all feel like this at times...must have been in the air, I too had pizza and a drink for dinner...all I got for it was reflux. :angry2: I'm spending another weekend at home alone, haven't seen my husband much this last month. I've been feeling a little melancholy lately and combined with the anxiety, it's not good, not sleeping. Like Karen, I got more snow, am supposed to have it until Tuesday. At least I have the dogs and my one remaining cat.

Hope you enjoyed your massage!


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I had a massage scheduled on the way home (with Kathy's son) but he had to cancel (bummer). I did pick up the foods I had in mind on the way home and had a relatively peasant evening. I had a good cry over Kathy.

Saturday I did a good bike ride with my special pal Melanie, then we napped around and had a relaxing evening. Sunday was marred a bit by my getting home to a letter from child support services regarding my younger son who lives with his mom. She's asked them to review my income again (to try to squeeze more $$ out of me). As if I don't have enough stress in my life~!

That kind of pushed me over a bit of an edge, but I think it's going to be a good one. I started to feel like I've reached the limit of my whining. I just need to "DEAL" with things.


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