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Went To Visit My Brother

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Just thought I would give you an update.I flew out to AZ on Sunday and spent the day with my brother. I have no regrets, and am so glad I went. It was such a healing day for both of us. We sat outside , over-looking the mountains and talked for 6 hours. There was lots of crying , but laughing too.

He told me alot about his treatment. He is learning so much about himself. He had things he wanted to say to me about how he felt he has hurt me. He hopes that I will give him the chance to be a better brother(his words). He is dealing with his anger towards my dad, he said it feels so good to let it out and let it go. I know he has a long way to go and there is no guarantee, but as I drove away I felt so hopeful. The first song that came on the radio as I left.."He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother" I laughed out loud! I am so glad I went.

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I am so glad that you went and I know that you both feel so much better just talking and being together, can mean so much. I have one brother I can do that with and one I can't- funny how humans can be so different and raised by the same parents.

I am so proud for you...


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Annie so glad it went so well for you both. I'm glad you went too.

I understood your therapist's concern, yet it seemed that you were in a good frame of mind about seeing him.

And to have that confirmation & affrimation right there on the radio! Well that takes the cake!

Good for you!


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Annie, dear ~ thank you so much for the update, and I'm so pleased to learn that this visit went well for both of you. This is a good example of what it means to follow your own heart. Clearly this was your decision to make, because you are the one who must live with the consequences. You were wise to seek the opinions and input of others whom you trust, but in the end, you are the one who lives inside your own skin, you know yourself best, and it is for you alone to decide what feels right for you in this situation. I'm happy for you, and I'm proud of you, too ;)

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