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I Lost My Mom "x" Months Ago...anyone Else?

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Though it's been over 2 1/2 years, I still mark how many months it's been since I lost my mom every single month on the 7th. This month will be 32 months. I did the month thing with my father as well, but only up until the first year. I'm STILL doing it with my mom.

Anyone else do this? I kind of find it sweet, actually. Hard to believe in just four short months and five days it will be three years.

But I'll tell you one thing...with the exception of my trip to FL, I don't think there's a day in that time that I ever want to relive again. I sometimes get triggered to the time after I lost my mom, the first month or so. I remember the night I wandered around the parking lot at work, looking for my car. I realized after about fifteen minutes that I was looking for an old car of mine, not the current one.


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I no longer keep track like that as much. Although, the 30th of April marked 2 years and 5 months since my Mom's death. When she first died, Wednesdays seemed difficult for me. I used to keep track of them...week by week. Then, that faded and all through the first year the 30th was significant. Now, not so much.

However, with the coming of Mother's Day I'm feeling more emotional. Sometimes, I don't realize it but then it hits me. I think of my Mom every single day. Missing her, and taking things she taught me and trying to live them and apply them to my daily life. My girls were only 6 and 9 when she died, I definitely keep her memory alive so she's not fogotten.

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My mom will be gone 20mos this may 6th and i was just saying the other night that it has been that long since i have seen her. mothers day feels like it will be even harder this yr then last. i think last yr people realized it was my first without her but now noone even asks or cares. i just can't believe it has been that long. i wait to see her again. lori

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My Mom passed 15 months ago. I don't have much good recall of many of the details over that time. I remember the big stuff.. but that's about it. Smaller stuff?? Forget it. I was too busy trying to survive one day at a time and I have to rely on others's recall for lots of things.

To be honest.. not much I want to recall though. Pretty dark days and a tough time... one of my life's toughest times.


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