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Father's Day

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I want to wish those of you who have lost their Father's a peaceful day of remembering. Keep your memories of your Dad near, tell a story or two of him to your children, grandchildren or friend. Recall a memory with a sibling who has just as many memories as you do. It will keep his legacy alive and bring a smile or two.

Peace to you all for the coming days and on Sunday.


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Thank you so much Lori. Those are some great ideas.

If you don't mind.. I'll post a wee memory right here.

I think I was 8 or 9 and probably President Nixon had just made Father's Day official. (Yet I recall celebrating it before this) But Mom wanted to do something real special for Dad. Money was tight.. so I'm not sure what if any gifts we had to give him. So, she helped my sister & I make Dad a crown and sceptor out of cardboard so he could be "King" for the day. We then covered both items in Aluminum foil with a ball of foil at the tip of the sceptor. It was just "gorgeous"... :rolleyes: as you can imagine. LOL

I can still see Dad graciously sitting in the lawn chair outside in the backyard, wearing his crown proudly while we were giving him snacks & iced tea.

This HAD to be worse than a bad tie. LOL But he did wear it and played along for my sis and I. He was such a good sport about it.

Hope you all have some fond memories too. I miss his laughter the most sometimes.


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a great idea.

i wish i could remember a specific father's day memory, but i can't right now.

what my father did enjoy, however, was his dessert. every father's day dinner was ended with a dessert that he would certainly enjoy more than the meal!

he did love his sweets! he would eat a large piece of cake and 2 scoops of ice cream with a certain reserved gusto.

love you dad.

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Thanks Lori,

Unfortunately, there's been no escaping all of the Father's day banners around the shops. I wish it didn't have to come around so soon after losing dad. Others on this forum who've lost their dad must feel the same. I've been a total crying mess for the last fortnight and especially so this week. I broke down today in a long-term client's office - she recognised that something was wrong. She asked what had been happening, as she knew my father had been ill and that was it..uncontrollable tears. She'd been having a really bad day too and needed to talk as well.

We went for a coffee and had a really good chat about things. She confided some of the problems she's been having too - so I think we helped each other. Just need to get through Sunday now and hopefully the emotions and tears will lay off a bit!

leeann - what a heartwarming memory. It made me smile.

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Mariah so glad you got to vent it out with your long term client. And yes you both probably helped each other out! So I guess it was good to get some of that out.

When I let the tears come.. I find.. everytime.. I feel better. Fighting them makes it so much harder for me. Just hard to do that in public though, I know.

Yeah sync.. no way getting around it is there? In our faces today isn't it?

All the hardware store ads... man. Dad liked to go to the hardware store... like most every Saturday for awhile there when I was young. He mostly just looked and I think now looking back... he was trying to learn things too probably.

My sis was bored to tears with these trips so once she got old enough.. she stayed home. (My Mom worked on Saturdays)

But me?? Nope.. in for an inch in for a mile.. I went with him every week.

(And I learned some things too. lol My hub thinks I am the better spackler.... :) However SOMEthing must have rubbed off on sis because now she is an awesome gardener! lol)

But today, whenever I even sniff fertilizer.. I think of Dad. (Not real pleasant an odor to remember someone by.. but real nonetheless for me.)

So all of the ads of the hardware stores do to get to me after a while because of that.

One of the best ways I know of to honor my Dad is to try to be the best parent I can. And to try to laugh at troubles like he used to would honor him as well. And to always see the glass as half full... that would honor him too.

So all I can do is keep trying.


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I am really dreading fathers day. I always always would go home on dads day and I will never forget the smile when he would look at me. Its not going to be a fun day

But I will share a moment of my time with dad.

I was in Grade 3 and wanted a dog so bad but dad said no. Dad was not a animal lover. So I never talked to my dad for three days yes three days it nearly killed me. Everytime he would talk to me I would bark.

I was almost going to give up in getting a dog, when dad said to me so where should we get a puppy from. I started crying and I still remember that memory as if it just happened.

And two days later the puppy went missing from the porch and I heard dad say the puppy ran away but the puppy was sleeping in bed with me. (this was a no no for my dad as he was not a animal lover) but from that day on - he let the puppy sleep with me.

I am crying right now - and missing my dad so much

Thanks for allowing me to share my memory.

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Last year was my first Father's day without him, and I really dreaded it. I was relieved when I got through it.

This year I still dread it, although not quite as much as the first time. I'll probably go visit his gravesite early in the morning. So much has changed since his passing I feel like I haven't gotten the chance to breathe. Almost like that was the catalyst for everything that has happened since.

I'll get through it once again, and I'll definitely be relieved when all the ads go away for another year.


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first fathers day without my father and first fathers for my husband being a dad. hard to celebrate this as i know my dad would have loved to see my 10 month old crawl, and stand for the first time. i miss him so much it takes my breath away.

hugs to everyone who had a rough day!!

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