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This morning, I got on my knees and asked my mom to please send me a sign that she is ok and in Heaven. Immediately after my prayer, today's date went through my head and I realized it was 5 months ago today that she died. Do you think that was a sign from her? I pray it was, I miss her so very much. I just want to know that she is OK and can hear me. That she is still by my side.

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Oh, Deb...hang on to what you get. On the 11th it will be 10 months since I lost my Mom. I still feel like I've been mortally wounded and outside of this forum, no one understands why I am still grieving so. Some days are better than others but I still find myself in tears at one point or another every single day.

The best sign I've received from my mother came in a dream where I found a letter that simply stated "daughter, I love you". Wish I could have that dream every night. I truly believe that it was my Mom sending me a message.

Hang in there and I'll pray for your signs with you.


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I have been seeing a counsellor to help me deal with my dad's death and other issues. He asked me one day where my dad was and I said my dad is dead.

And he said no he is not. He is here in your heart and he touched my heart and he said he is in you, he will always be a part of your life in everything you say or do.

Those words sure make the difference to me.

They are so comforting.

And another he said to do is to take a shirt of your dad or in your case your mom and either sleep in it or just have it in your house.

On really bad days when I miss dad he died Feb. 21 of this year and I feel like my dad is holding me and I have the best sleep of my life.

Its worth a try.

good luck

I feel your pain.

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My mom passed away in May. My daughter who is 8 was close to her. The school councelor took a night shirt of my moms that I gave her and cut the material and made two pillows out of it, one for Caitlyn and one for my Dad. It seemed real easy she bought the pillow for the inside already formed and simply sewed a square pillow. My daughter sleeps with it every night.

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So sorry to hear you have lost your Mom. (((hugs)))

And I know what it is like to lose a parent while being a Mom of small ones. They do so miss the tangibles right away don't they? So what a wonderful idea the counsellor had to make those pillows! And great that your Dad has one too! What a comfort they are to them I bet.

I still have a few of my Dad's shirts and I do wear them on occasion...nothing like cozying up in one of Dad's flannel shirts.. always makes me feel better. And my daughter took over my Mom's bathrobe and just loves wearing it.

So Deb, I hope you have found some comfort in something of your Mom's as well.

I mean I know they are still with me... but when I wear anything of theirs .. it just ends making me feel more like they really are and I feel much more comforted.


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