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It is weird how something as simple as a monetary loss can trigger something like our spousal loss, but I suppose grief is grief and maybe it triggers memories of feelings.

Last weekend our car was stolen. We didn't know at first as we were camping with our Harley. When we discovered it, we were in shock, then the having to attend to details took over, as we contacted the police, insurance company, questioned people that might have seen something, etc. But today, the emotional aspect sunk in, and I was quite surprised by it...after all, it's just a car...not like it's human or anything. It's amazing that we can get attached to cars, like they're real or something! But I'm a woman, I've cried over cars I've had to sell and I guess this is no different, except that this time it was taken out of my hands, just like George's death was. This time, no one asked me what I wanted, it was just done to me. It feels weird. Has anyone else experienced something like this or am I just crazy, gone over the edge?

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Oh, I'm so sorry for the loss of your car. It's just one more upset that you have to deal with and so unexpected!

I don't think you are crazy. I have to sell my husband's car and it will be so hard to see it driven off. Walter loved his car! By getting rid of it I feel like I'm going further and further away from Walter. It seems like his car had his personality in it. It has been a comfort to me to see it in the garage and remembering how Walter looked in the driver's seat, how I would jump for joy when I saw him and his car coming down the road towards our house.

Yes, a car is a thing, but it does seem like they take on a life and personality as well.

I'm sure this is so upsetting for you, but just know we all understand your emotions over this and I think you're perfectly normal to feel that way!


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I can relate. When Karen died I filed bankruptacy. Karen's truck was a lease on which we had added the amount of out trade in which we were upside down in to the cost. So rather that keep pouring bad money in I turned in the truck while I had the opturnotiy to during the filing of papers. I still remember the day when I had Ford come and tow the truck away. It was an emotional event as she loved the color and everything with this truck. I have since replaced the truck but it is a different color and it just isn't the same.

Love always


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You know, Kay, things just happen to us, again and again, that we have no control over....you're nowhere near any edge! You're just a good human being that has unfortunate and sad things happen. I was just telling my grandson last night that same thing when he was feeling frustrated over things in his live - at age 25. I feel sometimes we just have to roll with the punches. It seems that I've "rolled with the punches" most of my life. Nothing surprises me any more. But you'll find your faith again one day and things will settle down for you. You're such a good person. Try not to think too much, that gets bothersome. Take care. You're such a good person.

Your friend, Karen :wub:;)

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