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Thinking Of You Today Teny

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Teny, please know that I am thinking of you today as well. My wife died last June 4 days before our anniversary. That anniversary was very hard for me, but it came so soon after her death that I think I was still pretty numb. I imagine the next one will be much more difficult. My heart goes out to you.


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God, please be with Teny today and let her know that she still has Yianni's love and their love continues with this anniversary just as it did all the previous ones. How much Yianni must yearn to put his arms around her and bring her comfort! I pray that with each year that she will find a little more peace...I pray that she will be able to find strength and encouragement, knowing that Yianni is inside of her, just as I draw from George's being with me each moment of the day. God, walk with her in each day and carry her, she is your precious child and she needs you. Amen.

I love you Teny,


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THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS.I feel closer to all of you than my near friends in Greece.Only my 2 boys and brother remebmered that hurting day.Not even my mother called to say a word.I do miss him sooo much AS you say Kay I yearn for him to have his arms around me.deborah thaks for remembering.ALL aniversaries in nov.every minute hurts.TENY

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