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A while ago, I printed out the Holiday Memorial by Sherry L. Williams from this website. I was conflicted about trying it right up til the time we did last night at the Christmas gathering with my sisters and their families.

I lit a large candle with a pretty holly candle ring around it in honor of Harry's life. I said that instead of ignoring the fact of how much we were missing him (he died December 22, 2007) it might help us to confort it before we began our Christmas celebration this year. My youngest sister read the verses for each of the other five candles as my two children and 3 granddaughters (the youngest with assistance from their parents) lit them. Afterward, I asked if everyone would share a special memory of Harry. I have to say we laughed and cried but it helped us as we shared how important he was to each of us and acknowledged how much every person in the room has been affected by his death.

We are a very close family but I have been in such pain I'm not sure I realized the extent the rest of my family has been suffering. I've been feeling a little selfish but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Now the door is open to talk with them in a way I haven't been able to until this point.

My two children are coming tomorrow to spend the day with me and we will place a wreath in the yard where he died at the approximate time he died a year ago. These rituals of honoring Harry help me and I am realizing how important they are in the healing of all my family members as well. I am so thankful I have this website and all the people here to support me. My hope is that by posting how this has helped my family it will in some way benefit each of you.

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I am glad you have your children coming. I pray your memorial time for your husband will bring each of you release and comfort. Bless your heart, having the anniversary of his death and Christmas to face all at the same time! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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