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Thought I Would Share...

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This is the blog we started after we adopted our dog.

The first post you see is from Aug. of last year.

However, click on the archives from 2006 if you get a chance. He was in much better shape at that time. Bob told me twice (by us doing it) how to make this trip, and I wonder if he knows I'm doing it again....I wonder every night when I'm in the hotel rooms.

We figured it out, didn't we...


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Wow Thanks Mel! You two (and Rascal of course!) had some trips together! I can't imagine all of the miles you have logged!

And I enjoyed seeing some of the pics. I will have to go back to read more of the blog. But thanks so much for sharing it with us.

And yeah... you did figure it out just fine! I'm so glad you two had so many trips and saw so much together. And look... you're still doing it!



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Hey you

thanks for sharing your blog. He has the KINDEST face doesn't he? And yet is very much a man if you know what I mean! Reminds me of someone I knew VERY WELL ;-)

I do think that Bob knows that you are being brave and making this trip. In fact, I am wondering if he prepared you for it?

Rascal looks like the right name for your dog that's for sure. I'm so glad you have taken him with you, but get a feeling that "wild horses" wouldn't have stopped you.

Well done on this journey, I have tears in my eyes when I say that I am proud of you. Reckon we all are


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What a cute dog!!

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