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Dear Bob,

July winds are blowing cold,

The veil is slowly lifted.

I‘m reminded of a heart once bold,

Before my footing shifted.

I've had some time to catch myself,

I’m still a bit unbalanced.

The waiting is the hardest part,

As I pray for your appearance.

I’ve held onto my breath in hopes

Unmatched and unimagined.

The times I’ve felt you closest were

The times I least expected.

For your laugh I’d give my dearest treasure

Surely a medley to suit mine ears.

To hold your hand one million dreams

Your caress, one life suspended.

The days go faster now it seems,

Being busy has its merits.

But if I could walk alone with you

Just one more time I’d cherish.

You stole my heart so long ago

I can’t believe it’s mending.

I never thought it could be so

without your constant tending.

Two years, one month and fourteen days

Have passed since I last held you.

Thoughts of you my constant shadow

As I cleave towards the future.

I do pretty well most days, it seems.

Somehow the help doest find me.

I gain new strength and thank the Lord

For taking care of we three.

The bills get paid, the food gets made,

The car and van still run,

The smiles are felt as games are played,

The moon chases the setting sun.

The puppy’s grown to be five months,

She has the patience of a mosquito.

I look at her and have to wonder,

If your spirit resides in her, also.



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Thanks, Boo. One of the best things about Bob was his sense of humor. We laughed a lot together (even about his impatience!) I used to write a lot of poems for him. On occasion, he'd respond with one of his own. It was awesome.

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Kath, I love your poem. It's really honest and heartfelt and sweet.

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Thanks, Chai.

How are you doing? I was just thinking about you. I still go back and watch your video for your dad. It's so beautiful.

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