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My aunt was found dead this morning from a heart attack. She lives in Canada and I am trying to arrange for my dad and I to cross the border without a passport so he can attend his sister's funeral. This is so hard for all of us because she was so special to every one of my siblings. She was our favorite, though she liked to be called "Great." Her husband died a year before mine, so her advice was invaluable to me. From the start, she said to make myself go out...accept invitations even when I didn't want to. She did just that very thing and was always surrounded by loving friends and family. I'm a little jealous that she can be with my uncle so soon after his death. I can't say that to anyone, and it feels wrong to even think about. Please keep my family in your prayers.


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Oh Kath,

I'm so sorry you lost your aunt, I know how you are feeling, my uncle just died a couple of weeks ago. I do understand how you feel, feeling envious that she can go be with her husband while we're left here to deal with...our "now" life. You can share that with all of us and we understand.

I pray your father will be able to get to the funeral without a hitch, there has to be a provision for death somehow to cross the border temporarily.

My thoughts and prayers are with you,



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Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Kay, you and your uncle were the first ones that came to mind when I heard the sad news. Thanks for understanding my thoughts. If I said that to anyone here, they'd call for the straight jackets. We were able to get our passports on Monday. That in itself has been an answer to prayer. So, I'll leave on Thursday with my dad and two of my sisters. I am really glad I don't have to be the only driver. It's a days drive one way. My dad seems so fragile to me right now, though he puts on an act of steel. I had always thought longevity ran in their family, but he has lost 3 siblings before their 75th birthday.

It's most exhausting arranging the kids schedules as they are so incredibly busy this week/weekend. Luckily, I am leaving them in good hands. I usually worry that I need to "hold it together" when at a funeral so I can be supportive to the immediate family. This one is going to be all out wailing. All I can say is, she joins a heck of a lot of fantastic people.

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