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How The Anniversary Plan Go?

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It was a delight to wake in the morning and see the flowers, card and picture set there on the table and this set the tone for most of the day. Went to a late lunch with my sister. But when evening came it became difficult. I had the plan to light the "Love" candle and as soon as it was lit the tears started and wouldn't stop. Then I cried " this was a stupid plan, what difference did it make" Everything is wrong. Got out the aromatherapy, lit more candles, filled up the tub and soaked,cried, then relaxed. In the end I agreed with myself that the plan did really work because instead of getting up to nothing, there was something, and that's what took me through many hours that could have been a disaster from the start. Now the 66th birthday and 3 months gone in one day October 8

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You had a plan. You carried it out. Give yourself credit. Tears are ok too, little drops of love masked as sadness. I know this doesn't help, but be glad you had the energy to carry out something that you felt might make you feel better.


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Your plan sounds lovely. Don't feel like the tears ruined it. Tears are healing. It is best to let them come as needed.

(((((HUGS))))) to you,


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Kath and Valley are right. There is nothing wrong with tears. You got through your special day with your family, some activities plus a little aromatherapy relaxation, and I like to think of tears as being a tribute to your love. Way to go!

Lots of hugs,


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Thinking of you today...gosh, why does it have to go in spurts like this? I'm saying a prayer for you...



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