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Your Loved Ones Are Okay


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This was read on my radio station this morning. Sue's website has several inspirational poems. Go to www.heavensrollcall.com to read more.

Poem from Heaven’s Roll Call

Your Loved Ones are Okay

Copyright – Sue Lueck Carlson

There’s nothing I can do or say to take away your pain.

But if there were I’d do it so not a tear remains.

I know how much you’re hurting and I know that you have cried.

I know the emptiness you feel without your loved ones by your side.

It’s hard to lose the ones you love and it’s so hard to understand

When part of you is taken away

With all the good times that you planned.

Life can be unfair at times, but this I know is true.

When God takes away a soul, the memories stay with you.

That’s why at night when you’re alone and a memory comes to mind,

let it through and remember – God’s not the hurting kind.

He sends it back so you will know that your loved ones are okay.

They’re healed now. All strength is back and they’re not that far away.

You can close your eyes to see each face and if you listen with your ears,

you’ll still hear their voice within your head, so you’ll know that they’re still near.

It’s like they’re in another room and they’re calling out to you.

Enjoy the memories God has given. They’re there to help you through.

God loves you, Friend. don’t even doubt one day you’ll all unite.

Keep looking up! You’re not alone, You’re always in God’s sight.

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Thanks, Kath. I really needed to read that today. Yesterday was six weeks since Brian passed away. It's still so hard and I needed to be reminded that he lives on through our love. I just miss him so much.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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Thank you for posting this, tomorrow is 4 weeks for me and I'm just holding on for dear life to the hope that we will all be together again. Peace, Elizabeth

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