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I just heard today how much we have to be proactive with letting all the agencies know of your loved ones death...In this lousy world we live in with idenity theft on the rise, it is imperative that we send to the following death certificates: All Credit Report agencies (Experian, Equifax, Trans Union and Innovis), allCredit Card companies, Department of Motor Vehicle, Your banks, Power company, water, gas, mortgage company, insurance companies, naturally Social Security, VA, and any stock market accounts...Especially if your spouse only has these accounts in their name only....this is all such stress to notifiy all these places, but if we don't, we will have more stress than we know what to do with....If I forgot any place, please let me know. I know this may bum us out...and it is a lot to do...I just finished getting all the addresses and now to send out the death certificates with a letter...we have to protect ourselves, our finances, our credit and our mental and emotional health..in this state of shock and grief, we have to think like an identity thief...Love to you all...if you all want these addresses I will post them here...Rochel

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