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Days Make A Difference

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Days make a Difference

Happy Days - married on a beautiful Saturday in 1964 – Monday, two days later - my first birthday as a married man. smile.gif

Sad Days (5 Years Ago) – Her birthday was on a Monday – two days later she died and then she was buried on a sunny Saturday. sad.gif

The Head of Palliative Care told me my life would be "different" after her death. He was "right".....

"Jean left us beautiful memories, her love is still our guide,

And though we cannot see her, she is always at our side."

Until we're together again – "Forever, she's a part of me. Forever, in the heart of me"


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Thinking of you and your Little Jeannie on her special day. How odd that you lost her two days after she died and I lost my George five days after he died...my MIL also died just days from her Bdy and so did my Grandpa. It makes me wonder...

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Thanks for sharing with us - your words lift my spirits.

Scott died about 2.5 weeks after his 41st birthday (and 2 days before his first Father's Day, not counting the year before when Kailyn was wiggling away in my belly on Father's Day).


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