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I found one of my first posts here...my George passed away June 19, 2005, so this was maybe a month later...when you read what I wrote, you can see that yes, we do know what you're going through, we HAVE been there, those of us who are now a few years out. We've somehow survived what we didn't think possible...



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Hello again! I just read your 1st post and cried. You are such a sweet person and I cannot even imagine how that would feel. I have actually read many of your posts and responses and you have such kind words and I am know you have helped many. Thank you fer helping all of us in painful situations!


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Dear Kay,

You have been a source of strength and encouragement since my own beginning. Now I count you as one of my most trusted friends. Thanks for all you do...fo all of us!



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Your posts have always given me strength. The words in your post sound so familiar....yes, we really do know how 'you' feel.

Scott died on June 19, 2009, and his birthday is May 31. These 2 months (May/June), I will try not to dwell, as this was the period of time last year I left Scott (awful lot of guilt here for leaving him alone, though it was for a purpose), organized an intervention, visited him in treatment for his birthday...etc then the hospital... While I am loving every moment with our baby (now toddler) daughter, and am already sad to see her growing up, I really will be glad when Year 1 is passed.

Thanks for listening!



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