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In one of my previous posts I talked about needing my handy man back. I really needed him last night. Taking care of the house can be so overwhelming for me. Last night was another one of those nights. My A/C went out yesterday while I was at work. It was 86 degrees in the house when I got home and my poor dog (who is 18 yrs old) was sprawled out on my ceramic tiles trying to get cool. I panicked because I didn't know anyone to call. I was fortunate that one of my friends knew someone. I know this is terrible but I have a hard time trusting repairmen. I always think they are going to take advantage of me. I shouldn't be like that because there are good people in the world. It is just so scary making decisions about things you don't know anything about. Hopefully, I made the right decisions. I at least have my A/C working again. Who knows if I paid too much. :unsure:


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Guest Robert27


first off let me say I am sorry for your recent troubles, I know what you mean when you worry about your dog, Mine's getting up in age too, and I have to make sure she has Air, cause she has shortness of breath, whats funny she still acts like a puppy but shes almost 9 yrs old! LOL

I sure hope you wasen't took advantage of, and your right there are good people in the world, but like we know there are also people that are only intrested in helping themselves,

I just thought I'd give you a friendly hello, and make a comment.

Hope you have a great rest of your week and upcomming weekend!

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I think this is a learning process in so many ways. At least you got it fixed, and I have to agree that you need to be wary, or at least careful in who you choose to do the work - this is simply being an informed consumer. Get references from trusted friends, or research air conditioning, plumbers, mechanics - whatever you know you may need at some time. I say that without having done it myself, yet; however, I do have folks I ask for advice when it comes to such matters.

Take care,


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Dear Kat.

I know exactly how you are feeling. For years the men have made the decisions on what to do and who to call. Now all of a sudden we are put into a position that forces us to make them. I have the feeling that the repairman sees me as a woman with no husband so they can take advantage of me. I have a son and two son-in-laws, so they have been very helpful. I do the footwork, then they advise, I make the final decision.

I am finding that the more I do this, the stronger I am becoming.. I believe that I "can" do these things on my own and it gives me much needed self confidence.

Just keep believing in yourself.You can do!!



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Boy can I relate! This morning I woke up to NO WATER! Since I'm on a well that can be a problem...it means either I figure out the problem, or call a plumber who might charge me $200 to not do anything and tell me to call the well person, who will probably charge me anywhere up to $2,000 or I might need an electrician and it could be even worse! (Been there done that) Turns out my toilet flapper stuck and the PumpTec tripped, shutting the water off, but when I reset it, it tripped again, then the water came back but the light was off...still have to come home from work tonight and investigate it further. Went on line to find out info on PumpTecs since they didn't give us a manual 8 1/2 years ago when they installed it. Ahh it's fun, isn't it? The answer is we just do our best and try to make the best decisions we can. Asking around for who a good person to go to is a good idea since friends/neighbors may have used/liked someone.

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A month or so before Jeff was diagnosed with cancer, we had a falling out with our furnace repair service. Jeff found a new one, and we had the number written in the phone book.

A month after Jeff's death, the furnace stopped working. I called the furnace guy and got an answering machine. I called a couple more times - same thing. Okay, he could be busy, could be taking a much-needed day off, but someone ought to monitor the phone, right? Or the message ought to explain he's on a call, or out of town.

Fortunately, the handy man was here. Handy was ready to leave, and said, what's wrong. Furnace guy has not called back, I said. Handy doesn't do furnaces, but he knows someone who does. Handy calls him, has me talk to him, and whaddayouknow, Furnace guy 2 is not far away and will be over when he finishes that job.

Handy starts loading up his truck and said, "You ought to call that first furnace repairman and leave a message that you've found someone to take the job." I did. Before Handy finished loading his truck, the first man I had called had called back, wanting the work. Sorry, Charlie.

I have friends who aren't do-it-yourselfers, and they call and get referrals for the hired help. Even doing that, it hasn't always worked out for them, so it's good to remember that sometimes the repairman can be inept, (or have a bad day, or make a mistake, or he may have worked out great for your neighbor but not for you, or stop working because his wife filed for divorce and he got so depressed)

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