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I Broke Down In The Store!

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The other night I went to the corner drugstore where my Mom used to do a lot of her shopping and where I shopped a lot with her and for her. I have been there a few times and it is not easy.

The main reason I went this night was to return some of the things we had bought that she had never used. The manager knew who my Mom was and has been very sympathetic. It was very kind of him to give me a credit for so many items. I know he will be blessed for such kindness.

Anyway, after doing that and then shopping I heard the music played over the speakers. For some reason, hearing the song and some of the lyrics made me absolutely lose it! It is a good thing it was late and there were not many other customers in the store! I tried to control myself but found myself going numb and could not move. Someone must have told the manager because he came and checked on me. I made it through when the song ended and was able to check out.

But the words to the song I heard (though in my mind at the time were different to what the song's is actually about) and the music just got to me. It is in the key of E-flat major which is a beautiful, yet very melancholic key. In fact I listened to it a moment ago and completely lost it all over again.

Well, here it is and it is a tear-jerker:

And the words that just literally PARALYZE me:

Let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again.

If you wake up and I'm not there I won't be long away

'cause the things you do my goodbye girl

will bring me back to you.

So remember goodbye doesn't mean forever.

Let me tell you goodbye doesn't mean we'll never be together again.

Though we may be so far apart, you still would have my heart.

So forget your past, my goodbye girl 'cause now your home at last.

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I can relate to your story. It relates to my grandson who was stillborn. His death was very hard and very unexpected. Shortly after his death my daughter was trying to fill the void of his death and thought maybe doing something different to the house would help. So we went to the department store and went to the curtain aisle. While there, a few aisles over we heard a newborn baby cry. We just looked at each other and started sobbing while holding and looking at these curtains. A lady passed us and looked at us like we were crazy! We continued to look at the curtains while crying. We didn't care. It was a healing moment for us. Sometimes you just have to cry no matter where you are. It heals the soul. So go ahead and cry where ever. And I am very sorry for the loss of your dear mom. She must have been very special.

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Hi Aquarius7

I can appreciate what you went through while shopping (see my post under missing my mom).

My mom past just a month ago very suddenly.

There have been a few occasions when some little thing has set me off. Nothing as public though as when I was shopping. It's comforting to come to sites like this one, where people do understand.

It will be a long hard journey. All we can do is take a day at a time.

All the best.

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It is comforting to know this happens to someone besides me.

Last week I was having a bad day. A very bad day. I tried not to let my boss see me, but I was trying desperately not to cry at work.

My boss may be a genius. He appeared mid afternoon with a carafe and two tiny cups and said, "You said you've never tried Turkish coffee. I made some. Would you like to try it?"

I don't know if he saw me. I tried to hide my emotions, but I'm not Meryl Streep. What a kind thing for him to do. I struck gold with this boss.

By the way, the first time I started to melt down in a store, it was PMS, 14 years ago.

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