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There Are Kind People Out There.

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Good Evening, I just want to tell you about my day today. A week or so ago I emailed the person that did my headstone for my spouse and myself. I asked if I could get the picture back because I wanted to make a pendant with that photo.. He said he would see if he could find it. Well today i got a email that he had the picture and a complimentary pendant. I called my girlfriend to go with me for the ride. When we got there the fellow had my picture and a silver pendant for me with our picture inside. He said it wasnt the highest end quality but I gave him a hug and said is was perfect. Getting in the car my friend had a hug ready for me and said those are happy tears not sad ones right and i said of course because i was just so taken aback that he would do that for me. I wrote him thank you note and in it expressed how there are still kind people in this world and in my book he was one of them. It made my day the best. Mrs. B


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Mrs. B,

How wonderful to hear a GOOD story! Thank you for sharing that with us, I'm sure he DID make your day, and some to come! :)


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