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3 Weeks To My 6 Months Sabbatical

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The company I work for here in South Africa was kind enough to give me a months leave after the accident. I recently spoke to them about the possibility of resigning (to take a gap year overseas - work as a waitress or something) as I needed a break, like many of us who return to work after our losses, I couldnt deal with there no being emails from him anymore, no phone calls 10x a day and no silly texts and discussions about "whats for lunch." Plus they had been kind enough to clear my desk of all our photos that i had here - although the problem was, that I knew that they were there, so taking them away made very little difference... They've been very understanding and supportive.

They didnt want me to resign, said I could take a sabbatical instead and come back when I had done my healing. SO, its 3 weeks before I leave to the US and im hoping this will help. My sisters joining me too, so atleast i know im not all alone...

Today Im missing his emails so much! Around this time of year he'd be sending me pictures of the place we'd be visiting over the holidays - always spend December in another city/country...

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I am off on short term disability from my job. So I know what you are talking about.

I have already gone through our Canadian Thanksgiving not even 1 month after my husband passed.

I could not face work that is the last thing on my mind. I will go back but need this time.

Most days I keep busy but there are some that I have a hard time getting through.

Good luck to you and keep us updated.


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Good for you for taking some time off! I went back to work about a month after Tim passed and I still think it was a little too soon. By coming back people think you have gotten over everything and you should just be able to go on and we all know that is just not true. I have days where I just have to force myself to go to work and then when I get there I just can't get with the program. Infact, the last few days I have been in such a fog, my mind has been on Tim so much I can't think of anything else. Please take care of yourself, eat, sleep, and keep us posted on how you are doing. My prayers go with you on your journey.


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Thanks Allana and Chrissie...

Its really hard trying to work and theres so many moments of set-back...when you just cant stop the tears and when you cant work and dont want to.

To be honest, my biggest motivation to be at work, is knowing that Im leaving soon..crazy i know, but thats exactly it. I have to finish off some big tasks in order to leave...

But every day there is a moment or two or three, sometimes the whole day, when all i can do is weep...I so need this!

Will keep everyone posted - hopefully it will be better than being here in this country with all the memories to face, not just the ones in my heart, but the physical memories of places we've eaten at, visited, shopped at...etc:(

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It's good that they're giving you time, and I'm glad you'll get to be with your family. I only got two weeks off when George died and I still had to come in and do payroll for them after just a week, it was so hard to go back to work, I'd start crying all of a sudden, but everyone at work was very supportive and understanding. I miss that job, I miss all of them so much.

It'll be good to have a job to come back to and esp. one that is so supportive.

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