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Where Do They Go?


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It is my belief when people die, their soul, their energy, their life force, leaves their physical body and goes to what I call Heaven. It is a place so immense it is hard for us to imagine. It is a place warm and welcoming. Sometimes I need Heaven to look like a sunny day by the ocean, sometimes I need it to be a mountain meadow, full of wild flowers, sometimes I need it to be a forest, and the sunlight shimmering through the trees. I think it is ok to believe what you need to believe for yourself. What helps you accept your loss, or even where you will go when it is your time to die is exactly what it looks like in my opinion.

Ciourage and Blessings, Carol Ann

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All I can tell you is that before my mom went for her second heart surgery, she called me into the room and this is what she told me. She was on no drugs at all. She said I don't want you to mourn or be sad for me, I have seen where I am going and it is beautiful. She already knew that she wasn't going to make it. Since I lost my husband 4 wks ago what she said has brought me comfort. Take care.


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When my mother died (a little over a month ago), I was filled with images of her being in a place where the colors were brighter and where she was at peace and so excited about everything. My mother was an artist and saw the world very visually (unlike me, the musician who sometimes does not even notice obvious things in front of me). She had eyes so sharp she was reading books in regular print through her mid 90's up until months before her passing and never had the need for any cataract surgery. I also had an experience of shining her love, almost overworldly it was so complete, on me when I was home alone at a friend's house. But, after a few days I really sensed she went somewhere else. My mother always believed that when you die, that's it, but, I am so happy that she showed me in her own way that there is so much more after so-called death.

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