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Happy Birthday Ustwo

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smile.gifHappy Birthday ustwo smile.gif

I hope that your day goes well and you have lots of birthday cake and ice cream too!

We've been on this same ship for over 5 years now, but it hasn't sunk yet, despite some rough times.

I just realized that you and Deborah's Larry were born on the same day in November - small world isn't it?


It was great to see your post yesterday, I hope all is well with you.

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Thank you WaltC for the nice greeting this morning. I started a "pitty party" last night and went bed before rather than THINK! I got up this morning remembering, remembering how this day would have started and continured..........it's remembering how much love Gene filled my cup of coffee with......the special breakfast he prepared....the yellow roses that would have been delivered yesterday......and oh, the smile and twinkle in his eyes as he so lovingly made this my special day. And it would end with one last "happy birthday", I love you, and a kiss good night.

You are right about our little boats.....we're still there.....we weather all the storms and keep going forward.

My wish for eeryone here........have a beartiful, special memory, remember we are all loved.

Always Gene


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Happy Birthday! I wish I'd been on line yesterday. I know it's not the same without them, but at least we have our memories...at least we had it once, I remind myself of that, some people have never had it.



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