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Has Medication Helped?


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I feel guilty about saying this, but I don't think I could have coped the first two months after my husband's death without some medication. I had such feelings of panic - such frantic grief with immense bouts of sobbing - that it helped with an oxazepam. There was a period where I took two or three a day - out of control there - but now I just take one every now and then when the realization hits me and I get a new panic attack. It doesn't take the sadness away, but it does help me cope a little better when things get very rough. I no longer need them every day, so I don't think I'm addicted. But many people easily get hooked, so it's wise to consult with your doctor. You don't want to use them to block out the feelings of grief, but it can be helpful when you really need a break from the wild emotions, I think. Some people end up depressed and then an antidepressant might help, but grief can feel like depression, so it's hard to tell.


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Absolutely they have helped me and, in my case, they are essential.

Last year I went through sort of a mini-breakdown. The man I loved, well, it turns out he was only deceptive and a womanizer. I wanted to marry him so you can imagine what a disappointment this was. Due to his making me feel slow and stupid, I stopped all of the medication I'd been taking (for diagnosed psych issues) and just crashed and burned. I went through three weeks of detoxing (from what I was supposed to have been taking) and felt horrible.

This year when my dad went into hospice, I really needed something in advance of his impending death. I had one Dr. who refused me two Klonopin (one for the plane ride and one for the funeral). The good news is my regular MD came through for me.

Right now due to so many stressors I take an anti-anxiety med, along with other drugs. For this reason, I am a big proponent of medication at least for a few months until things get more stablized. I know one is not supposed to self-medicate through grief, but this really is a matter between Dr. and patient.

If you think it will help you, please talk to your Dr. Good luck and Best Wishes.


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I take Prozac, Wellbutrin, xanax AND a sleeping pill.

I know they are not long term fixes-- but they do help me cope in the here and now and this enables me to get through each day--and once I reached a therapeutic level (once the wellbutrin was added) I feel hopeful at least.

I was on the Prozac for some time-- due to the stress of my mother's illness and taking care of her.

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Dear Ones,

When deciding whether to take any prescribed medication, it is always wise to follow the advice of your own health care provider, who presumably knows you and your health history best.

You may find this article helpful and quite informative, as it is written by a Richard Dew, MD, who is both a physician and a bereaved father, so he knows first-hand the experience of grief: When and How to Use Medicine for Grief

See also Interview: Are We Medicating Normal Grief?

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