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Beautiful Afterlife Letter.


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Hi Everyone,

This is a beautiful letter from another site I post at. It is what our loved ones in the afterlife might say to us. I enjoyed reading it and it brought me some comfort.


December 2010

I know it's tough for you, and I'm sad because you are sad. I'm doing well--and this death-thing seems to be so much more difficult for YOU than it is for me. I fully understand why that is. After all, I've found that I'm still alive, just existing in a different place. A place of beauty and feeling surrounded in love. I still continue to grow and work on my "stuff!" I don't have to deal with the negative five-senses junk you still have to deal with. Physical ailments, financial problems, ego mind-games, difficult relationships. As we all learned, earth-life is no picnic.

I'm doing well because I have the ability to "see" and understand that, no matter how tough things get for you, physically or emotionally, everything works out well in the end--and that it's ALL for a good reason and purpose and the great thing is, we'll eventually be together again. On the other hand, YOU feel "in the dark" most of the time--and are left to wonder about the future. Sadly, you don't have that gift of knowing what I know. Sadly, you are stuck in that grief of separation. You see, I don't feel that separation because we are NOT separated. I receive every thought you think of me and every emotion you feel toward me.

I know when you are thinking about getting a haircut or going to a movie or thinking about doing your toenails and when you are driving to visit a friend or remembering our time together as you look at some of our old pictures. We are in constant communication. And guess what--it doesn't get on my nerves at all, when you tell me twenty times a day how much you love me or how much you miss me or that you want me to come back!

The truth is, you and I are more connected now then when I was living in an earth body. There was more separation then because of ego stuff and a ton of what seemed to be negative things to be dealt with that sometimes blocked our ability to communicate. All that has been removed and I feel more connected and "closer" to you now than I ever did.

I understand you are not experiencing the same gifts of that connected feeling. I'm sad because you are sad and you are left to struggle with that feeling of separation and the fear of the unknown when it comes to the future.

And now, here come the holidays a time we used to enjoy together. My wish for you--in fact my message for you is--WE CAN STILL DO THAT! Can you try to focus on the fact that I am still alive--just in a different form. Trust me when I say that my physical death has not ended our relationship--it only has helped us both progress on the thing we call our spiritual journey.

When you sit in the darkness crying, I'm sitting there with you. If you are dining with friends, I'm enjoying that with you. Maybe this idea will help you. Try to focus on our time together--our fun together--what we gained -- and try, little by little to focus on my death or your feeling of loss. Try to focus on life and not death. Try to focus on celebrating our time together and less on this brief time we'll be apart.

I'm not saying DON'T grieve! It's important to grieve and move those emotions through your mind and body. What I'm asking you is, don't keep focusing on your grief or that sense of loss once you cry them out and move beyond them. It might surprise you to know that once you deal with your grief and get back into life again, you will actually FEEL me more. You will actually feel my presence around you more.

You are easier to connect with when you are in a "love space!" When you are in love with life again. Hating life and my physical absence, well, that energy blocks our ability to communicate with each other. Blocks your ability to feel my presence.

Please try--but I understand if you need a bit more time. This earth experience we chose to learn from is a tough one--at times unforgiving. But trust me--it DOES get better. Please try your best as I continue to love and cherish you........and US!

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Dear Butterfly,


Blessing and Courage, Carol Ann

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Dear Niamh and Carol Ann,

You're so welcome. I'm glad it brought you some comfort.

Thanks Carol Ann for posting this also in the "Loss of a Spouse, Partner or Significant Other" forum. I hope they also find some comfort in the letter as well.

Sending you both hugs.


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Thank you so much for posting this. The things mentioned in this letter ring true for me, and I can even imagine my mother writing something like this to me.

I have been doing some reading this weekend on this topic, and taking a look at what psychics and mediums say about this, and there just seem to be common threads in what they all say that resonate with what the letter said. On the other side, there is no illness, colors are brighter, and they are busy doing many of the same things they did here. They do see us and intuit what we are thinking, see the big picture. They do not judge and/or hover constantly, as they are busy too. They feel sorry for leaving us, but, they wait for us to return when it is our time, and not sooner. They know we came here to this planet for good reasons and that things can get very difficult here.

We can elevate ourselves through prayer and meditation as well to connect with more of what this is and live the best life we can here on this planet. I am excited about the New Year, as it is a time for rethink my goals and do more of what inspires me in this new year, which is being more of the musician and creative self I am. I think this would please my mother too. And, yes, I do believe it does get better, and we can play a part in making it so.

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I thought of this beautiful song. This was sung by Eva Cassidy, an exceptional vocalist who died at age 33 of melanoma and received most of her recognition after she left this planet with this being a hit. Although I felt so sad listening to this, I think of my mother and other loved ones as being Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


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