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I've always collected teddy bears ever since I was a kid, but here lately, I have been burying myself in my bears. It seems like they can reach me when nothing else can. I'm trying to learn how to make bears to give to my family and friends who are going through grief because I think bears are the best medicine for a broken heart.

I would like to show you guys a picture of one of my little fur balls who has been my therapy during all this stuff. I've had him for a while, but didn't really get that attached to him until a few weeks after my sister passed away. I was looking through all my bears, when I found this guy and decided to name him Prot after the main character from my favorite book and movie K-PAX. Ever since I found him, I've been carrying him around, and I cry on him a lot.

He's got a hat and sunglasses on in this picture, but that was just my stepdad goofing around trying to make me laugh. He normally doesn't look like that. Oh, yeah, he's a puppy dog, not a bear.


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Your kidding!!! I collect bears too!! they are nice to snuggle with. I have a huge bear my Mother in law gave me for christmas a few years ago. My daughter has a huge dog. She calls him Stevie!!! I also have a blanket that was my Mom's that I like to snuggle with. It makes me feel like shes giving me a hug everytime I wrap it around me. You know my Mom and Her sister used to like to sing together. Mostly christian sings. You picture of your furry little stuffed dog is really cute! Where did you get him from? I definetly like the glasses. Does he have a name? It's funny how little things can comfort us! If you want to talk some more write me back. Hugs and prayers go out to you and your family!!!

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Sweet, you collect bears, too. Cool. My puppy's name is Prot, but it's pronounced like Prote. If you've ever seen the movie K-PAX, that's where his name came from. I'm not really sure where I got him. I have several bears and critters that I don't remember where I got them. I wasn't really attached to him until I saw him again a few weeks after my sister passed away, when I was trying to distract myself by looking at all my bears.

Prot doesn't usually wear glasses. Those belong to my stepdad. He was getting bored. We were in Michigan two months ago for another dadgum funeral, this time for my great-uncle. I loved him, but I really didn't know him that well. I was there because he had asked me to sing and play the piano at his funeral. While I was drinking my coffee, Roy was trying to make me laugh, and he grabbed Prot and put his hat and sunglasses on him and took the picture. My mom put it on facebook.

I'll tell you another cool story involving Prot. Granny always hated stuffed animals and thought I was a nut for collecting them. When I was there for Christmas, her mind was starting to deteriorate very badly, and she would be scared to death, especially at night. Whenever she got upset, I gave her Prot to hold, and would you believe that she sat there and held him for a long, long time. This was a woman who used to threaten to throw my bears away, and she would hold Prot like a baby. I'm not sure whether this is a testament to how bad her mind had gotten or to how awesome Prot is, but I prefer to think it was because Prot is very therapeutic.

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That is just so sweet, My Honey started a lil family for me. The oldest is a Christmass reindeer named "Bucky jr" after his daddy(my Honey), he was a rescue from a claw machine while I was visiting from NV. Then I went home and adopted a lil girl bear named "Strawberry" (her coat is a strawberry). Then I moved to NC to be with my Honey and he rescued "Blue Bumble"(hes a blue monster "type") and "Snottyfire"(shes a purple dragon). And the youngest "Charlie" a teddy bear that came with my engagement ring.

A few months befor my Honey left me he made me promise that I would keep talking with them, make sure Charlie gets some cheese now and then, to give the girls their tea party nights, and to let Bucky jr sit at the window to watch the "hotties" at the pool.

I have spent many many days just sitting on the couch snuggleing with them crying and yes haveing conversations with them all, about how much we all miss "Daddy Buck", and about some of the crazy things he used to talk about... oh jeeze I think I sound crazy lol oh well it works for me.


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Dear keyboard, sunshine and Honey...

I love teddy bears and plushes, too. I love hearing of your grief plushy stories...there is something so comforting about holding our buddies. They are good for crying or laughing or talking to...they have our best interest at heart...they are always there for us. They never say anything that makes us angry or upset...

I have one purple teddy that I call my sorrow teddy. She has been with me since I was a kid. She has droopy bean arms and legs, so maybe that is why she is my sorrow teddy. I don't know if she ever had a name...I hold her when I feel sad, and somehow it helps, even if I cry even harder. It still helps.

I also have a giant teddy bear. I visited my dad once and one of his guests had this big teddy bear she got from the dollar store. I fell in love with him so she gave him to me. I started to have in bed by me, even though he takes up half of my little twin bed...and somehow it became habit. Now he guards my bed during the day. And if ever I feel sad, he is so fluffy and perfect for hugging...it is such a comfort to have him. After I found out about my father passing away, he was the first one I went to...very reliable, Mr. Teddy.

I have been tempted to get more and more plushies and teddies to cuddle...but I am running out of space. So for now these two guys and their friends (lambie, moose, Easter bunnies, Clifford, etc). will just have to do. I am nearly 23 now, but...nothing can compare to my plushy friends. I can't let them go. I love the little guys!


take care,


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