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1St Day Back At Work


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Hey Everyone, I've just been quietly chugging along, trying to feel better & get on with things. It's just over 4 months since Mum died, & I finally made it back into work (working with adolescents with issues), on reduced activities for a couple of weeks, which means no client contact yet, & not much driving.

I felt very anxious & like I wanted to burst into tears all the time, but I did it. I'm exhausted now. I'm assuming this is progress!

Just wanted to let you guys know. And look for a bit of encouragement, not sure why, but I still feel like I need it.

Hope everyone's hanging in there.



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Hi Becka,

Congratulations on making it back to work! I went back about 2 weeks after my mom passed and wish I would have been able to take more time off. Even now, 4 months later, I have a lot of anxiety at work and it's very hard to get through the day sometimes. It has gotten better, but it's still a struggle.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted on how you're feeling.


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Good for you Becka,what an enormous achievement.i can relate,it took me almost 3months,reduced workload too for me. I couldn't talk to anyone the first few months,I'm still trying to get my confidence back but thankfully work have been very supportive. I hope you have that too being back.

It really is such a huge thing going back so big pat on the back for you.

Hugs as always


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I just cannot seem to get it together with work. I have 3 bad days, 2 good days a week. Most of the time I just sit and stare or fuss around all day long on the computer doing non-work related things. Im very snappy and moody with my co-workers and I dont wanna be, but sometimes they will come in my office or call me when Im looking at pictures of my Dad online or E-mailing someone about him. I know I am not at all preforming to my capacity but I cant snap out of it!

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Hi beaker,

I am glad to hear that you first day back at work was tolerable. That day can be a very tough one. You made it! Of course you need encouragement. This is a very tough thing we are all going through, and sometimes even on our stronger days we need encouragement. I think it is the toughest thing anyone ever has to go through. Those who have not yet stepped out on this journey simply cannot imagine.

I am sending waves of love and peace your way. May you feel strength as you continue on, at work and at home.


take care,


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How do you keep on going at work when you have to to keep your job? I'm a professional with work projects looming that don't stop. Working helps, but then, slam! the wave of grief hits again, and I'm nonfunctional. I'm not exactly dependable, and none of my colleagues knows what this is like since I'm the youngest to have had a spouse die (51).

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Hi Windwalker, Is there nobody at work who has been through the same thing? My mums only 46 and lost her husband she hates going into work because her boss is not understanding and everyone expects her to carry on, she said people have pointed out "the other widow" to her but she doesnt talk to her but she has one good friend at work who helps her out and people have been saying stuff about her and her friend told them off. But yeah maybe you should try and find out about other people in the same position as you?

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