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I made this list for George, years ago, and just ran across it...it shows the kind of love we had. What a beautiful love, it takes me down Memory Lane...

Love is…

• welcoming him with a kiss

• giving him a backrub at the end of the day

• always believing in him

• fixing him his favorite dinner

• getting up early to bring him coffee

• “kidnapping him” for a romantic weekend

• skipping onions

• welcoming his advances

• surprising him with your advances

• fixing a picnic lunch for a day off

• letting him win (don’t count on this one! )

• always telling him the truth

• trusting him

• leaning on each other

• standing up for each other

• always speaking well of each other

• listening to his heart…and understanding it

• never letting the sun set with bad feelings between you

• holding each other

• always thinking the best of each other

• wanting to spend time together

• taking a walk in the moonlight

• sleeping under the stars

• growing old together

• dancing together

• feeding him healthy foods

• listening to him

• being best friends

• being lovers

• being safe with each other

• committing to “forever”

• cleaning fish with him

• sharing your “rathole” with him 

• wanting him and only him

• you!

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It's just how we were with each other, and the beauty of it is, it was mutual.

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