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The Polyester Suit

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When I was in high school, in 1979, I had an english teacher who all ways wore polyester suits. As we all know high school kids can be mean at times, and he was the butt of many jokes. One day he told us of his story about his suits.

He told us all of his love story with his wife. Then went on to tell how she found out she was ill and wouldnt live much longer. Knowing he had no sense of style she had gone out and bought him enough suits (polyester) to last him the rest of his life. He then told of how he knew he could go and get a more updated wardrobe, but that the wardrobe he had meant so much to him that he just couldnt do it.

Not one dry eye from the girls in the class and not a peep outta one boy.

I was impressed with the other students as they stoped jokeing about the polyester suits and the class was much more controled after that.

It just goes to show that we dont know what peoples storys are unless they tell them. I now understand what it took for him to tell his story, and am so very glad he did.

Im not sure why I felt the need to tell this story here but I just had to do it.

Thank for reading!


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Dear Rachel,

I want to add my voice and say thank you for sharing this lovely story of love. It is true that we just don't know what someone's story is unless they choose to tell it. It leads me to share that I believe we should all exercise a little more kindness and tolerance for we just don't know what loss or losses someone has to carry.

You are a blessing to all of us on this site....thank you.

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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I was recently at a memorial held every year for my brother by his elementary and high schools jointly. A boy whose sister was friends with brother told me his sister still has my brother's phone number in her phone and says she wont ever delete it. I don't even know her and that made me really love her.

Does anyone else ever get that weird feeling in their stomach that kind of makes it hard to breathe when a particularly bad feeling of grief comes on?

It's been so bad lately. I think because my other brother is getting married in 3 months he and I are feeling particularly uneasy. I feel like I cant face this wedding. It is killing me.

This poster was super-scattered, sorry.

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This is a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing!

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