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I wrote this during the time between Bob's death and his Memorial Service on Valentine's Day. I am not a poet at all, so much of it may not make sense, but it is what was in my heart.

Since Yesterday!

It seems like such a long time since yesterday

When Bob was right here with us.

Though growing old and sometimes struggling,

He brought us so much cheer with his hugs, and little kisses of love

But now as we stand along this shore,

We can’t trace the path Christ leads him down,

We only know that since yesterday

He sees his Savior's face.

His first day home since yesterday!

We wonder at that thought!

One day we will know that special joy

That moment must have brought him

No clouds, no mists, no rain since yesterday,

No pain, no questions, "Why?"

Unshadowed now he sees the sun (son)

and time has passed him by.

We miss him so since yesterday,

Each memory rises up in our minds,

And for just a moment he again is here alive.

How we long to share & see his smile,

And feel his special love…..

Yet, could we call him back again,

To leave the delight of his soul??

To leave the gladness of the morning

For one more pain filled night?

Ah, no, we release him to the Lord,

To let him go with joy,

Because we will meet again one day and

We would not want to take away the joy he's known since yesterday.

We cannot deny the special gift the Savior had to give?

For he who struggled so for life, has just begun to live!

Then later on I wrote this as well, and I read this myself at the service.

It’s our tears of grief that can become the waters of new life.

Let’s keep our hearts focused on Christ, who is Altogether Good and Lovely as we lift this aching root of our grief high in praise and thanksgiving.

In Grace and Beauty all His own, he will create a tree of life out of this root of grief.

Let’s all, tear by tear transform it into a source of inspiration, freedom and Life.

And so my hearts says……. “Here I am Lord…… use me to inspire so that you can transform”….

It’s my wish that we all pray for this very thing from this day forward..

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Thank you for sharing that with us, it's very inspiring!

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Thank you for sharing these lovely and loving thoughts with us. They help all of us. mfh

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