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For some reason I started thinking about time today, which made me realize that today is my 49th day without Ruth.

It does not seem that long and also seems like a very long time.

Time seems to be moving fast and time seems to be moving slow.

Time seems to be sneaking by me and I am aware it is there.

Confusing ? Yes, but then I guess time is a concept. Right ?

I have already learned quite a bit from all of you, I thank you all for sharing. I have learned that I better start getting my head out of this fog a little faster than I have been. The most important reason why is that Ruth would have been kicking my butt after the first week.........

At least my sense of humor is creeping back, I can hear Steve Miller singing, "Time keeps on slipping into the future......."

Thanks again

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Well, I guess you'd better mind Ruth then! LOL This is an odd state to be in, isn't it? Trying to deal with loss and retain some sense of normalcy and humor and rediscover joy and find purpose...while doing it alone, the one thing we weren't used to.

You're doing well for 49 days. I shouldn't say that...I remember how raw emotions are that fresh and people usually resent being told they're doing well because they feel anything but well. Well let's just say you're appearing to do well, okay? We appreciate your being on here. I feel more of a bond with this group than with almost anyone. Maybe there's something about people who have survived the unthinkable...

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All I can say is WOW, my Ruth always said "but time is only a concept" how ironic you should make that statement...Yes, at times days are weeks and weeks are days during this journey of grief, that's why we need to take it one day at a time so we have a grasp on reality, I like to have plans and goals to look forward to but with Ruth gone from here it's hard, I do/have learned to adapt by setting my own goals as I just bought and moved into a new home so that's keeping me busy, I also have a friend I spent lots of time with the last 6 months but that's taking a break as it moved to fast which is causing grief waves for Ruth and my friend both as I miss them...see I become very attached to people I Love and Care for and have bad separation anxiety when away from them, so I have to work thru the fact it's just God, me, and my dogs from here forward and I will keep an open mind to what may or may not happen in the future...but I'm going to try and live today good as it's a "present"....


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