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CJ  Anderson

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I remember when I found out my Thunder boy had a FOOTBALL size tumor between his front leg and heart. I flew into rapge because I should have followed in instincts 6 months earlier when that vet said "oh its just arthritus" YUou might want to join his newsletter because if it ever happenes again, you can be better prepared.


Guilty feelings about not finding cancer sooner?

One of the most powerful insights Dr. Dressler has brought to dog lovers is an understanding of why we so often diagnosis cancer “late.”

“This came out of the blue – why didn’t I see it sooner?” is one of the most common questions dog lovers ask.

Dr. Dressler stresses the importance of not feeling guilty about this because it is not your fault.

The reason dogs don’t “act sick” and then seem to get “sick overnight” is simple, and it’s rooted in their wild natural origins.

In the wild, dogs who are sick are vulnerable.

The pack might leave them behind because they are slowing them down and are more likely to be targeted by predators. Also, sick dogs can lose pack position easily.

So dogs have a natural instinct to NOT show that they feel sick. They will do everything possible to hide their symptoms until they finally can’t anymore.

That’s why they can “seem fine” at breakfast and be “sick as a dog” by dinner.

Combine that with the fact that there is only one “early detection” test for dog cancer (it’s for lymphosarcoma) and that some cancers don’t have any visible symptoms while they develop, and you get a really clear picture of why your dog’s illness may have snuck up on you and your vet.

There was probably no way for you to know any sooner than you did that your dog was having a problem. So even though it may be human nature to feel a little guilty, Dr. Dressler urges you to have compassion for yourself during this tough time and take as much stress off your shoulders as you can.

Less stress will help you keep a clear head, absorb the information that you must know, and make the best decisions possible for your dog. Feeling guilty about not seeing the cancer sooner is normal–and it is not your fault.

In fact, Dr. Dressler feels so strongly that your stress must be managed as part of your dog’s cancer protocol that he devotes an entire chapter to de-stressing techniques and bonding sessions."

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Thank you for sharing this helpful information.

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