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Today in Sunday School the topic seemed to address our recent situation here, and it was very interesting what was shared. it was about the following:

*Honoring, preferring others (putting them ahead of yourself)

*Showing respect

*Speaking softly

*Listening and being slow to speak

We talked about ways to do that, and ways not to. Methodology is important. Demonstrate by how you live your life more than the words you speak. I am reminded of a scripture where it talks about teaching your children, it says "in the way", meaning, when you are going along together, in other words, it's not necessarily a set aside time that you teach them, but it comes from how you live your life in front of them, with them. I tried to keep this in mind as I raised my own children. They pick up more from what you demonstrate than what you tell them. Adults really aren't a whole lot different! If someone is kind to us, gentle, meek, forgiving, caring, we are more apt to pay attention than someone who rams things down our throat which seldom has the desired effect, it drives people away instead.

This post isn't intended to be responded to, just something to ponder for thought. My love to each of you on this site that means so much to me.


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Kay, I am with you on this. I think the subject has been thoroughly addressed and if it comes up again, it can be addressed as needed...no one intended to hurt anyone. It is time to move on to our purpose in being here....to support and care for each other in our pain. Onward...

Mary mfh

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Dear Kay,

I like what you have talked about and how it, reflect to adults as well. That has always been my strongest part of my life. To be kind and gentle and soft spoken. I have had so many people tell me that. From Pauline's, nurses, and doctors, and everyone that knew us. Pauline would tell me, to get more anger when it is needed. I would always tell her you get a better response, being kind and gentle with people, than you do yelling in their face. I had the greatest respect from the guys I was the boss over. Because I took the time to greet each one every morning as they came in. I never yelled at the when a mistake was made. I would take the time to show the how our why they made the mistake. No one in that place got more respect or gave respect. When the Owner hired his brother in-law to work with me and learn my job. He looked down on the guys take were really the ones who made the production, that kept the money coming in.

That is part of the reason I want to be a nurse, because I have the compassion, kindness and a caring heart. That are what the nurses, that came in saw time after time. That is why Pauline's longest time nurse told me I would make a great nurse, I have the personality and compassion it takes to make a great nurse.

I thank you for starting this thread Kay.

God Bless


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