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Hello to all,

I just wanted to say hello for now and let you all know that all is well with me. I plan to post soon to update you all. I have not stopped thinking and supporting each and every one here as my need was to be away to take care of my health and some legal matters. Those that have reached out to me I thank you for your patience as I respond to you all in the next while.

It will be 8 years this December 25 that my Melissa took her life and all I feel as the anniversary draws near is joy and comfort in knowing how blessed I was to have been loved and to have shared a wonderful life together. I rest knowing my Melissa is at eternal peace and this I know because I am at peace.

I wish you all healing.

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

ps: update to come soon.

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Dear Sunstreet,

It is really nice to see you back. It has not been 8 years for me, but I have also found that great inner peace and comfort, knowing that I had done everything I could have for Pauline, and it was not in my control at all. So now she rest in eternal peace and I will be with her some day.

I wish you well and to learn to laugh and smile again in the land of the living. It sounds like you are already doing that. GOOD for YOU.

God Bless


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Carol Ann,

It really is good to hear from you, we'll look forward to hearing your update. You have made remarkable strides over the last 8 years, you are an inspiration to us all. I hope come Christmas the day is more than a memory of her taking her life, but will commemorate for you all of the good years and memories you shared and built together. Peace be with you,



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