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Holiday Wishes

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Twas 2 days till Christmas and all thru the house, it was

looking quite fitting enough for a mouse...

My tree is up, with decor galore,

with all the ornaments we used to adore...

Ruth's shrine has been changed to reflect the season,

and what keeps me moving is all of her reason...

As I prepare to enjoy the days to come,

there's not a memory left undone...

My Life has changed many ways indeed,

I find myself helping others in need...

A new Love I have found,

That keeps my world going around...

We both have lost and loved that special one,

But we intend to leave nothing undone...

We have found a special bond between to hearts that grieve,

But this Love is so natural and hard to believe...

As we build new memories during this Holiday season,

We'll remember our spouse's with many a reason...

NATS "2011"

Merry Christmas to All, and may you find some Joy during this Holy Season.

Attached is Picture of my small tree...I'm so proud of it.


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I love that, how such great loss and in your grief travels your have found someone again. I am very happy for you.


God Bless


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Thank You....and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Also see that smile on Ruth's face in that picture, when I feel down I just look at that

as I know she is that Happy in Heaven...


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Wishing you a good Christmas Nats!

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