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Update On My Daughters Allergies.....

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My daughter had her allergy testing this week and she is NOT allergic to our pets. She is allergic to grass, quite a few weeds and tree pollens. I am so happy about this. I was so scared we were going to have to let go of our pets...after losing Arthur the idea of having to let go of any more of our family was so upsetting.

I know this is not on topic, but I mentioned my fear a while back and figured I would share this.

I saw Arthur's mom today. It is so nice that his family still includes us and counts us as family. I was worried they would disappear on us and they haven't.

I am sorry I have not been posting much lately, I have been feeling pretty depressed, stressed and overwhelmed. I know I will get through this, but the last couple of weeks has been a dip (my mom says life comes in dips and waves...dips are when things are hard and waves are when your life is full of joy and happiness.)

*hugs* and Love....


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Lina, thank you so much for sharing about your daughters allergy tests. I am so relieved that your pets are not the cause. Honestly, I do not know what I would do without our pets. The dogs make sure I get up every morning....they NEED TO BE FED. They make sure I get some exercise.....they NEED TO RUN AROUND IN THE YARD! and they NEED TO BE LOVED, regardless of how my day is going.

Understand about the dips. Unfortunately, in order to have the beauty of the waves, I guess we have to learn to deal with the dips.

Happy that you are staying in touch with Arthur's family. They miss him as much as you do and if they loved him, they love you and would be so sad to lose you too.

Thanks for the update

God Bless.


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I agree...being needed is what has kept me putting on foot in front of the other when things are at their worst. There are days when I don't want to try anymore, but my daughter still needs me, the pets need me and they are the reason I do not feel quite as alone.

I tend to think that Arthur's mom is the one person who experienced Arthur's loss as deeply as I did...which is kind of silly I suppose...his siblings miss him horribly and are having a hard time with this also...and my daughter lost her 'heart' daddy and misses him horribly...but I still feel a special connection with his mom over this...she lost her baby and I lost my husband....my soul mate...the one person who made me feel complete.

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Oh Lina, I am so happy for you! That had to be a huge relief! I could never give up my dog even if allergic to him, he is my "little boy" (all 120 lbs of him!)

I guess you lost your lawnmowing helper. :)

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