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In a previous post I talked about going to San Diego for Celene's one year anniversary. I mentioned how I wished for some kind of connection while I was there. The other day I was looking through my wallet and noticed a 2-dollar bill that I had tucked in with some receipts from the trip. I am not sure that it was change I received on Celene's day, although I do believe it was. At the time I tucked it away I only thought of how uncommon it is to get 2-dollar bills anymore. When I noticed it the other day, I thought of the others I have stashed away in a draw. I started saving them years ago when Celene told me how she had saved them for years until one day an old boyfriend had stolen them from her. In some way I believe that Celene gave me a sign while in San Diego in the form of that 2-dollar bill. Perhaps a message that she was there.


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I love that! I do believe it was a message from her! Especially since it was something uniquely akin to something she would have done! That is so cool. :)

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