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Heaven? What's Your Visions Of It?

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Since Dad's passing I've become fascinated with what Heaven is like. I was reading "The Lovely Bones" the week of his death & I like the books version of heaven-that it's your favorite places & things you might not have had on earth & there are different areas you can go & jobs you do.

I imagine Dad up there with my 4 yr old sister, in an area with lakes and mountains & trees, log cabins & lots of horses & 3-wheelers to ride. Dad's dream was to have a horse farm & go to Alaska. His favorite things to do was to travel up to Vancouver or out West with friends where they rode 3 wheelers & did lots of horse back riding. He rode on many trail rides with my oldest sister's group & loved it. So I think that's where they are [since Cindy died 2 yrs before I was born & she was 4 I'm not sure about her or her heaven]. He spends his days with our angel family & friends & even his heroes like John Wayne, playing cards, drinking beer, boating, fishing & talking. Dad was an angel on earth, always volunteering & helping others so I'm sure he's doing something like that there too. Then he & Cindy get together so he can be her daddy again. I know he watches us still & helps us-I've felt him & he would never stop that.

I'm curious what others think of heaven. ........

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I had a dream after my brother's death that he and my dad (who died 6 years ago) were in my mother's house, getting out tools and preparing to repair something. I woke up and felt that it was a message that they are together and watching over my mom. It was comforting. They looked well and relaxed and happy.

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