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I Miss You Dash


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Dash. He was everything to me. When I would come home from school he would make my day so much better and as I would walk up the stairs he would squeak for me (he was a guinea pig) and he'd sniff all around as if I brought him something to eat. I'd pet him and think "I wouldn't know what I'd do without you Dash" and now he's gone. And there Is this terrible feeling in my stomach because I know he is not coming back. He is not going to be there one day when I come home and squeak for me. I'll never get to run my fingers through his soft fur and I will never be able to feed him or clean his big cage which took almost an hour to clean. It was all hard work but it was worth every moment. I remember when I spotted him.He was an abyssinian and fur went in all directions little rosettes all over his back, he had a big fluffy mohawk. Tricolored black and brown fur almost like a checker board and he also had a little white on one of his feet and near his rear. I had begged my parents for a Guinea pig and now I was going to have one. I was very nervous and for the first couple weeks I had a fear I was going to mess up and kill him somehow. I remember my mom she told me to enjoy him as long as I could and just spend as much time as I could with him. I did and I loved it all. I didn't think he'd die I though he'd watch me get a little older and go to high school. Very late January he had gi stasis. We took him to the vet and in no time he was better. He showed no symptoms of illness and he was sick a second time in late Feburary. He had a stomach ache so we massaged his belly and we had to force feed him. He recovered and he was brand new. I didn't think he'd get sick a third time. Third times the charm like they say. This time it did it. He was drooling and he developed an upper respitory illness. We where going to go to the vet but they were all closed. He could no longer stand. He was limp. I picked him up and I faced him my way to kiss his nose and usually he'd put his paw on my lips to block the kiss. Not this time. He was gasping for air and he was near. I knew it. He convulsed many times and I cried because I could do nothing. He laid on his side and he kicked his paws as if he were swimming. Then he opened and closed his mouth a few times and passed. I felt like I lost everything. March 25 2014 7:43AM. He was only 10 months and I had gotten him July 6th 2013 when he was 2 months. I don't know what I'll do on his birthday May 6th I wish he could have made it. I miss Dash so much I can't describe it. My Dash is gone death has taken my everything. I know its odd but I called him my son. My baby. He was truly beautiful and I wish to see his face again. It's only been 4 days but it seems like its been forever. I've been wishing I was dead so I can be with him. I have nobody but to blame myself for his death I let my baby died I betrayed him I watched him die I can just think him asking, "Mom why did you let me die? Why did you watch me die? Why didn't you help me?" Dash I hope you can forgive me I love you so very much I know I'll never forgive myself. You're always in my heart. I'm dying everyday without you and I watch every video of you and look at every picture of you. And everyday I catch myself saying "I wish you where here Dash" and I make the mistake and think you're still here and I swear I can still hear you. I wish somehow you could come back.


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I am so very sorry that your special precious Dash has died. He sounds just wonderful and I know you miss him terribly and loved him so very much. It certainly sounds to me as if you did every thing you could for him...taking him to the vet for treatments when he was sick in January and February. There is no way you could know that he would get sick again. I do not know if you have ever heard of Rainbow Bridge (www.rainbowbridge.org and www.rainbowbridge.com) but you might be comforted by the website and the belief we animal lovers all have that our pets are waiting for us at rainbow bridge. You can post your precious Dash's picture there and read about others there who have lost their pets.

Many many of us here have pets that we love so much and we know how painful it is to lose a pet...a furbaby...I am glad you found this site and that you posted your picture of Dash.



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Dear One,
This is very sad news, and I want you to know how sorry we are to learn that your beloved Dash died last Tuesday. I can tell from what you've written here that you loved your little Guinea pig a lot, and we all know how much it hurts your heart that he’s not here with you anymore. I agree with Mary that you certainly did all you could to take good care of him, and I'm so sorry that he got sick again. Things like this are so hard to understand.
I love the picture of Dash, and it's good to know that you have lots of pictures and videos of him. Those will help to keep your good memories of him in your heart, and I hope you will think of lots of other ways you can remember him, too.
There is a story I like a lot called The Invisible String. It’s about that very special string that’s made of love. It’s the string that connects you to Dash, and to everyone you love. You can’t see it with your eyes, but you can feel it with your heart. Remember, my dear, that as long as love is in your heart, the String will always be there. Dash will be in your heart as long as you remember him, and you will always be connected to each other by that Invisible String made of Love.
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I am so sorry you are suffering the loss of your Dash, thank you for sharing a picture of him. These animals, our pets, they seem like our babies, our children, we're so close to them, but it's as if they're loaned to us for a time and then gone. It is so hard when they leave because it leaves a huge void in our heart and life where once they resided in our everyday existence. I'm glad we outlive them because it would be too hard to think of them being left without us, but it seems so unbearable when we have to continue our lives with only their memories to sustain us. I do know how it feels, I've lost many pets, and when my Arlie goes, I don't know how I'll survive it...I only know that we do because we have no choice. I

like what your mom said, to enjoy him, because at least you know you can have no regrets, you lived to the fullest with him, took good care of him, and loved and cared for him like no other. Sometimes we can't save them, as much as we'd like, and we're not to blame, but it's common to feel guilty when we lose a pet, just because they look to us to fix everything, even though we can't always. (((hugs)))

I'm glad you have a lot of pictures and videos of him. I just put together a group of pictures to use as my wallpaper on my computer and it shuffles and displays a different one every 12 hours...it is comprised of animals I currently have and ones I used to have. Today it is displaying a picture of my late granddoggy, Skye, and I look into his gentle eyes and miss him...but I like having this, kind of like a memorial in a way.

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