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I Lost My Two Loving Cats!


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I feel inconsolable. Last week my precious 18 year old female cat died from kidney disease after five

years. Thelast 6 months she suffered from loss of appetite, temporary blindness and lethargy...

She slept with me in bed every night like a person and we loved each other. I will always miss her company because I have none now.

My male cat was only 12 when he suddenly got very sick, probably kidney disease. He looked

awful. I feel guilty I did not have more tests done like ultrasound. Two vets thought it was hopeless.

The little guy had much energy and curiosity and loved to eat! I just wish he had moretime. I feel

that he was cheated out of life.

These were my children, friends and close "family". No more cats for me. My heart is broken. I feel that NO one understands my loss.

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I am sorry for your loss and you have plenty of company here, we all understand loss because we've lost someone near and dear to us...in most cases, many.

I'm sorry your cats went through so much. That's how I felt when my 19 year old cat, King George, died. It's been nearly nine years and it doesn't seem possible it could be so long, it seems like yesterday. He suffered from cancer and I would have had him put to sleep sooner but the first vet misdiagnosed him and I thought he'd pull through, he didn't, he got worse. I still feel horrid that he went through so much suffering the last couple of months, it was needless, had they only diagnosed him correctly at first.

I've lost many cats and I understand your feeling your male was cheated...I've lost some only three or four and felt that way too. We never know how long they'll have, but thankfully they had good lives with us and we'll get to be with them again someday. Of course your heart feels broken, these little creatures are our family.

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I'm so sorry for the loss of your two kitties. Kidney disease is such a terrible thing. With some other disease, you can at least try to "cure" them, but with kidney disease the saying is that "it always wins". I don't know why, but so many animals (cats especially) seem to end up with kidney disease. I'm sure you miss them terribly.

I understand your feeling of your younger cat being cheated out of a full life. I have lost dogs at a younger age and/or after only having them with us for a short time, and it is so hard to understand the reason why they had to leave us. It doesn't seem fair. There are so many animals without a good home and here are these animals that are so loved and cared for, and yet they are taken away.

I wish I could say it will get easier. I'm finding over the years that it gets harder and harder to deal with the loss of one of my animals. I can only suggest that you reach out to other people who understand, like this forum, whenever you feel the need.


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