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Update: Approaching the 1 yr Mark

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Its about that time that I post my update!

So far Im doing okay, I am less than one month away from the year mark of my fathers passing. I am also in the process of buying him a plot in the greenest cemetery in my home town. I think Ill bury him once I get a job that way I can get him a nice head stone and let people know he is being buried so that if they want to be there, they have a good amount of notice beforehand.

Im in my last year of college and the last semester is just clinical rotations so we are actually in a lab and applying what we learned. Im hoping it wont be too hard and that Ill enjoy it. Im also hoping there will be less homework so I can tend to my grief better lol I really think that is why Ive had some rough patches. I know they are expected but I think I could have made them a little less rocky if I had done more grief work. I do think this forum is the best place for me because I love to blog and this way I have a place to right and people can listen. I can even help others so that’s great!

On a side note, I got a memorial tattoo for my dad. Its in his handwriting


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How precious!  I have a tat of me and George's symbol and his name (his handwriting).  

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Thanks guys :) and thats cute Kay! I remember you mentioning it. I plan on doing this with my mom when she passes away. Hopefully not for another 50 years ;) (shes 50)

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